Retail Free Therapy

Have you ever noticed that on the weekends and during the holidays when you don’t have anything to do, you automatically decide to go shopping? But there are some much better ways to have a great time in your spare hours, and they won’t fill you with regret at your overstuffed cupboard or fill you with envy for what you can’t afford and don’t need! Here at Bella we have thought of ten things to help you turn your spare time into good time. 

In other words, time well spent instead of just time you’ve spent spending!

- One -
Charity work! Whoever said volunteer work couldn’t be fun? There are so many different organisations that need people just like you to come and volunteer your time and effort. Think retirement villages – you get to know a new friend and hear some interesting stories! (Check out our review page)

- Two -
Start your very own book club! I know what some of you may be thinking when you read this – book club? Seriously? Let me ask you something: Before the information explosion known as the Internet, what was the source of necessary information for school or work or pretty much anything? Books! They’re the landmark of history and past happenings. Sharing books is a great way to chat, laugh and hang with friends.

- Three -
Time for some one-on-one time with little bro and sis! Yes I know, younger siblings can be pests. But have you ever thought that, instead of lashing out on them every time for being annoying, you could try spending some time with them instead? That’s really what they are after when they bug you. So for some fun ideas, have a play day with them – have a teddy bear picnic, take them to the park or even build cubby houses! You guys will be BFF’s in no time...
better friends forever.

- Four -
Art & Craft! It’s time to get creative, so look up some ideas on the net (try Pinterest, etsy or just Google craft blogs), raid your mum’s craft room and go crazy!

- Five -
Beauty Day! Invite your besties over and throw a Pamper Party! Get everyone to bring their own makeup and nail polishes and glam up!

- Six -
Talent Show! Get your friends and siblings together and put on a show for the family in the backyard. You finally get that spotlight on stage you’ve always wanted!

- Seven -
Water Fight! Invite your mates over and have your very own water war. Water balloons, spray guns and your fav pair of swimmers… sound good to me! 

- Eight - 
Movie Marathon, here I come! Why spend a load of cash at the cinemas when you can create a theatre in your own home! Invite friends over bringing snacks and your favourite movie. Get out the comfy cushions and bean bags, and prepare for an epic night with the girls!

- Nine -
SMS (send meaningful sentence)! Compliment everyone in your phone contact list! They’ll love it!

- Ten -
Group study time! Wanting to do something on the weekend, but bombarded with a mountain of work? Invite friends over and make a day of it! Not only will you revise, refresh and ace that test you have on Monday, you’ll have fun doing it in the process.


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