Red Face

Red face

to terrific tale.

Tahni (not her real name) was 15 years old and had to change high schools in the middle of the year. She was having trouble settling in at her new school and making friends. So she was surprised when the popular girls invited her to a party. There were some guys there too. One of them, Sam, was really cute. She’d gotten to know him a little bit at school and really liked him. She couldn’t yet tell if he liked her, or if he was just being nice to the new girl. Maybe tonight she’d find out. She couldn’t believe her luck at the party – they were playing Twister, the perfect thing to get up close and personal with Sam! Things got even better as one by one, all the popular girls were eliminated from the game, until only Tahni and Sam were left on the Twister mat - Tahni, one hand down on a green circle, one on a red, and one foot on a yellow circle, leaving one leg up in the air. Sam was sort of hunched over behind her. Tahni’s backside was pretty much in his face. Embarrassing? Not really. Tahni knew she had a nice rump and anyway, you don’t play Twister if you care a ot about being elegant. Then the unthinkable happened... 


Right in Sam’s face. 

The girls laughed. Sam blinked a lot and shook himself, but politely didn’t say anything. Tahni wanted to shrivel up and die. I don’t know if Tahni is a fan of Scrubs. If she is, she might remember the episode where Dr Elliot Reid (the pretty blonde one) gives a patient with an embarrassing condition he was trying to hide surprisingly sound advice: “It’s funny. Own up to it. If you don’t embrace it and become part of the joke, it will follow you around and devour you.” 

Tahni was not going to be devoured. She became part of the joke and said something like, “Sorry Sam, must have been that meat, onion, garlic and baked bean burrito I had for lunch” , and kept playing Twister. When the other girls laughed, she joined in. When they brought it up in conversation, she was the first to say, “Yeah, embarrassing, eh?” and keep chatting. She refused to let them use it against her, so they soon stopped trying. 

About a year later, Tahni was telling the story of The Great Twister Event hilariously in front of a group of much older women and even a man! None of them was grossed out. Quite the opposite in fact. They were entertained, and admired her for her pluck. It takes guts to share something silly and personal with a bunch of strangers. She owned the embarrassment, turned it on its head, and it became a point of pride – no one can top her red face story!

Written by Heather Fletcher