My world of Photography - Briony

Sadly, I have mates who take drugs because it makes them feel great. Well, my drug is photography – because taking photos makes me feel great!

I started photography in year 11 while I was at school in Canberra. When we were handed our first practical assignment, I fell in love with taking photos. My grandfather let me borrow his SLR film camera which was a Canon AE1–Program that he had bought back in 1981. I loved using it and through it I was able to develop my photography skills. I got my own DSLR camera in 2011 for my 18th birthday so I didn’t have to borrow the school’s cameras when I had assignments for class.

Nowadays, when people ask what I want to do in the future, my answer is – to own my own photography business – or to be a photographer in the Australian Army or Air Force – or to be a photo journalist.

Having been treated for major depression and anxiety, I found photography helps me feel better; it’s my self-esteem builder! I had dumped my boyfriend after our relationship had been on and off for several months and, feeling hurt and angry over it all, I found photography gave me a way of escaping the pain for a while. Now I want my photos to help inspire other young people who have mental illness to find their creative spark.

Doing something you love helps you feel better about yourself, instead of turning to drugs, sex or alcohol to block out the pain.