Lucy in the fields with flowers

Hello! I'm Lucy White, I'm from South Australia and I'm 15 years old. I really like capturing nature photos, such as my flowers. I think they are very beautiful and can reflect great personality.

I've always loved being outside. Taking pictures of nature is great because I can enjoy the outdoors, and my love for photography.

My favorite flower is one which grows in my back yard, called Sturts Desert Pea.

My creative influence is my sister, she started taking photos in high school, ever since then she's been taking photos of people and friendship.

When I am not taking nature photos I spend time with my horses, or if it's raining I'll read a book. The Key to Rondo series by Emily Rodda is my favourite.

My favorite thing for breakfast is honey porridge and orange juice.

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What do you love about being in nature? What is your favourite flower? Do you have plants in your room?