Things My Mum Taught Me – Emily

My mother taught me how to be a woman who strikes a good balance between strength and gentleness. She taught me how to be respectful and classy while going after the things I want.

My mother constantly shows me that even when life’s struggles seem overwhelming, pushing through with patience and resilience is the only way. By her example I’ve learnt generosity is a lifestyle. She shares her time, money and talents for the better of her friends and family.

My mother is a careers counsellor, but she is patient with me as I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. She has been supporting me through every step, reassuring me it’s OK not to know yet. I do have many wild ambitions, and she’s been teaching me how to get these dreams out of my head and into my reality.

My mother has taught me how to have perspective, and often asks me, “How much will this matter in five years’ time, or even one years’ time?” This way, she’s taught me what is important in life and what actually deserves to be worried about.

My mother taught me to stand up for what I believe in, even when doing so makes me an outsider. But along with this, she taught me how to find ‘my’ people and the importance of supportive and loyal friendships.

By Emily Munro

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*Not Emily and her mum but another gal and her mumma bear.

*Not Emily and her mum but another gal and her mumma bear.