Cover Girls

Every girl has gazed longingly at the girls on the cover of magazines, but she doesn’t often long to cover up. Modesty isn’t exactly a trendy topic to talk about, and the media, movies, TV and magazines don’t often encourage us to be modest. In fact, it’s usually discouraged. Our culture is becoming more and more obsessed with exposing flesh.

It seems everywhere you look, bare skin is being flaunted, but that’s not the case in some other parts of the world. I spent some time in Africa recently and was amazed at how differently the girls there were dressed. Miniskirts, low-cut tops and tight midriff outfits were nowhere to be seen.

As a guy, it was a lot easier for me to get around in Africa without being bombarded by the overload of semi-nudity that is a constant issue in our culture. It was great spending time in a place where people wore clothes that were respectful to themselves and everyone else. It’s what my mum would always encourage my sisters to do when I was a kid, and I can now understand why.

The truth is, many guys appreciate it when girls choose to wear outfits that are feminine, self-respecting and tasteful.
toowoomba photographer amy elizabeth

Recently, while I was watching a really old movie (from the 1960s) my housemate commented on the clothes the women were wearing. He said something like, “I wish girls would wear outfits like that these days.” It stuck with me because the actresses were wearing feminine, conservative dresses – which were really popular years ago. And they looked stunning.

A guy who pursues a girl simply because of her skimpy outfit doesn’t have the best intentions for her. So whose eye do you want to catch? If you choose to wear the bare minimum, you are more likely to attract a guy who is interested in a relationship that only goes skin deep. It’s easy to get the attention of a dropkick, but if you want to find a guy who will respect you and himself, then it might be time for a wardrobe overhaul.

Remember, what you wear says so much to the opposite sex about who you are.

A girl who chooses to dress modestly carries a sense of dignity about her. It communicates a lot to a guy about about how she finds her identity in something deeper than just her personal appearance. If you’re not sure whether what you’re wearing is OK, why not ask someone whose opinion you respect. Find someone you think dresses well, and who you know cares about you, and ask them to come shopping with you. And when you try something on ask yourself, “What do these clothes say to the people around me?”. That way you’ll be a cover girl! 

By covering up, you’re sending a message that you think what’s underneath is worth wrapping well.

Photo: Miss Amy Elizabeth Rodd