Things My Mum Taught Me – Clara

Enjoy the pleasure of freshly washed sheets. I remember Mum walking around the house smelling a pile of folded washing and exclaiming it was one of her favourite scents. She would remake my bed, and tuck me in saying, “Don’t fresh sheets feel so nice?” I find myself feeling the same satisfaction nowadays and telling my husband every time!

Bring your own cinema snacks. Something I didn’t understand as a child – all the other kids would be munching on movie popcorn while sipping frozen coke… and Mum would pull out the classic plain chips and a bottle of water. I let my disappointment be known. But these days I do the same (or make my own popcorn!) when I go on a movie date. It saves a lot of money and is healthier too.

A cup of tea is always a good idea. Mum always had a cup of tea in her hand. She would have one (or more) morning and night, and would offer one to whoever was around – she still does the same! I understand now how well it accompanies good conversation and makes you feel cosy and comforted!

by Clara Weekes

More mum stories featured in issue nine!

*Not Clara and her mum but some others having fun!

*Not Clara and her mum but some others having fun!