I never thought I'd...

How would you finish your story, beginning with "I never thought I would…"? Everyone would write something different. This is what happened when I asked the women around me – and their responses blew me away! It became clear that each one is a champion, doing her own incredible things. I hope their stories inspire you as much as they did me.

I never thought I would...

travel from Australia with a vision-impaired woman and be her guide as she completed her lifelong dream to walk the Great Wall of China.
— Jasmine
learn to walk again after a car accident that nearly killed me, let alone go on to run an international personal training business.
— Esther
live in France by myself. I was petrified because I had just failed a French course the semester before I was due to leave and didn’t think I’d be able to survive with my poor French skills. But I did it! I went for 5 months on a university exchange in Paris and (fortunately) my French greatly improved because of it. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!
— Liz
win international titles in karate when I was the smallest and youngest, or free myself of a chronic illness that I was told I’d never recover from.
— Hayley
establish myself as a professional illustrator at 15 years old. When my dad died last year, I made it my promise to him and to myself that I would do everything I could to pursue my dreams.
— Samantha
buy a one way ticket to London, ride on the top of a Kombi along the coast of Ireland, ride a camel in India, buy and renovate a house on my own, have over 20 jobs in as many years, design a 77 storey high-rise building and so much more seemingly random stuff… The biggest and best, most life-changing decisions in my life were the ones that I just went with, followed my nose and my gut and got totally out of my head.
— Liz
spend an incredible year working in a small community hospital in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The only way into this town was by plane. I did it because I wanted a challenge. I was sick of hearing people complain about ‘first world problems’ and I wanted to make a difference to people who have less opportunity. The PNG highland people are incredible joyous souls and it blew me away how happy these people were, when they had so little.
— Ngaire
quit my job – I know it sounds like nothing, but I was always unhappy and broke. I kept on giving myself excuses such as, “I need the job... just a few more months”. Then I saw a quote: “If you don’t like where you are, move! You are not a tree.” It suddenly clicked and I got the courage to move forward and do what I love – design.
— Samara