Veggin out

You may be thinking, “Growing vegetables and gardening? Why on earth would I want to do that! That’s what retirement is for!”  

Yes, I admit, I thought this too… that was until I planted and picked my first crop! That’s all it took and now I’m hooked!

I have never felt so passionate about vegetables! Grocery shopping would never be so convenient and fun now. Just slip out the back door, down the steps and I’m away - foraging and digging away for the next delicious meal!

Most people would agree that the obvious reason to grow a vegetable garden is to have fresh and delicious organic produce but there is so much more to growing vegetables than simply providing food. I call it nutrition for the soul! But you probably won’t believe me until you try it out for yourself!

Mind you, I’ve had some casualties along the way (stinking bugs!) but I’ve fought hard for my babies and now am reaping the benefits. Just talking about them puts me in a good mood! The joy that I have from growing vegetables is incredible.  It feels like they’re loving on me, even though it’s really me loving on them!  And I’m not ashamed of it!

So how ‘bout it? Brave the outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, get your hands dirty and allow creation to work its magic!  Give it a try - you seriously won’t regret it! I’m sure the news feed on Facebook won’t mind a little less attention…