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Who Am I? I’m a bit shy, nervous about saying and doing the wrong thing and very awkward about fundraising…..  

I love bella magazine because…I read it my whole way through high school, right from grade 8 and LOVED IT! Because I really loved this magazine I believe that all young girls should have access to it. Its helpful, interesting and I want it to keep going so it can do the same for other teen girls! 

I am going to jump because I have always wanted to skydive – it’s at the top of my bucket list! The challenge for me is to do the fundraising – I want to step out of my comfort zone to get the support for bella magazine – the sky diving part is a sweet little treat at the end! I AM SO EXCITED!

One the Scared Scale I am... Numero uno on my bucket list! It’s a bit of a scary thing, jumping out of a plane but BRING IT ON!!!! 

TARGET: $2,000