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Serious riders, get on your bikes for our girls!

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Meet our adventurous riders!


David Browne

Age: 31 || Occupation: Anglican Minister

“I love the message bella rae sends to girls and young women – they are loved, worthy and filled with so much purpose. The bella rae ride helps raise funds so more girls and women can hear this message.”


Scott & Jane Shelton

Age: 48 & 46

“Riding bikes is great exercise, social and a challenge. Joining the Ride for bella rae gives the day meaning and purpose. The team at bella rae are committed to making a difference every day of the year, this just gives us an opportunity to ride beside them and support their vision. Charity rides mean we can engage with a new audience without having to close the streets of Toowoomba to get our voices heard!”


Tim Fittkau

Age: 40 || Occupation: Used Car Salesman

“I’m riding to support bella rae! I have three daughters and I really like the idea of there being positive material available for young ladies to read. The ride itself is awesome – I love seeing people challenging themselves and encouraging them along the way.”


Peter Garratt

Age: 37 || Occupation: Dairy Farmer

“I love how bella rae gives an opportunity for young people to read positive stories. It brings a healthy and loving message at a time where there is so much pressure from mainstream media to conform to what society deems acceptable. I am riding for all of my nieces and for the young ladies in our local community of Pittsworth. I would love to see bella rae in every Australian high school and riding is my way of seeing that come to fruition!”


Letitia Shelton

Age: 43 || Occupation: CEO of City Women

“This will be my third ride for bella rae. I ride because it’s a lot of fun, and a big challenge, but it’s worth it! You push through the pain knowing you are helping provide girls across our nation access to media which is positive and life-changing. Can’t wait for this year’s ride!”


David Tasker

Age: 50 || Occupation: Maxi Taxi Driver

“I enjoy riding – especially while doing it for a good cause. bella rae is giving people an alternative outlook on life and I’m happy to support that!”


Don Fenby

Age: 59 || Occupation: Teacher

“I’m riding for the personal challenge!”


Peter Humphrey

Age: 55 || Occupation: Retired

“I am riding for bella rae because my friends are riding for them!”


Richard Gurney

Age: 34 || Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

“I am a dad to my two incredible little daughters. bella rae supports the cultural change I want to see happen, so my girls can grow up in a society where they can flourish.”


Peter Morris

Age: 56 || Occupation: IT Business Owner

“I have two adult daughters and something like bella rae would have been a great resource!”