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Who Am I: Explorer of the heart and earth. Silver-lining finding sharer of love and grace. Creatively amusing. A writer not a fighter.

I love bella magazine because… it offers a choice; learning to love yourself as you are rather than comparing yourself with unrealistic expectations. A girl that can accept and adore who she is becomes a woman who can confidently command respect and set an example for others to follow.

I am going to jump because… I have learnt the value of taking action when something is important to you and not just settling for the status quo. bella encourages young woman to present themselves as a princess, not a porn star, valuing the inner beauty and purpose each one of us was put here for over and above the latest fads, fashions and superficial standards currently flooding the media. I've read that if something both scares and excites you, then you should pursue it. I'm not a fan of heights, so jumping out of a plane freaks me out! I once tried rock climbing and my knees locked up at the impressive altitude of 3 feet!! But I'm excited to know that one small leap for Quinta could be one giant contribution to the lives of thousands of young women who are searching to find their identity and purpose. For me that's worth jumping, both feet (and screaming mouth) in.

Where do you sit on the Scared Scale? 11.  Terrified, petrified and horrified, I hate planes, heights and the thought of skydiving. I don’t even know how I will get in the plane let alone jump out of it in the middle of the sky! This is how much I want to support Bella Magazine!