The bella rae crew & Contributors

Henrietta - This fine lady rides her bike most places, loves op shopping, music, cooking and finding ways to be kind to the planet. She has a knack with words. She joined the bella rae after a frolic overseas and didn't know what she was in for!

Content Director

Kandice - You can thank this sweet human for making bella rae look so rad! When she is not taking gorgeous photos or creating neat designs Kandice leads at youth camps, treks the globe and helps out with her parents' jumping castle business.

Creative Director

Liz - This fun and bubbly lady is an all-round busy bee in the bella rae office, she writes, she researches... she's a yes lass! Liz has a passion for youth work and is studying to be a counsellor. When she's not leading youth camps or teaching kids to swim, you might find Liz going for a jog or curled up with a good book. 

Writer & All Rounder

Tish is a power house of a woman and a backbone of bella rae. She lends the team her wisdom, vision, courage and speaking skills – travelling around talking about facing the tough stuff going on in our world, how to engage women and change culture. She's a bit of a heroine, really!

Speaker & Ambassador

Anna - Not only can this lady take stellar photos, but she has a way with words as well! Anna adores her family and helps out on their family farm. When she's not in the office or out on a shoot she's creating something delicious and healthy in the kitchen, pottering in the garden or off travelling the world!

Photographer & Writer

Lisa - Part of the bella editorial team. producing a magazine for young women that empowers them with confidence
Kate – This talented creative chick Kate takes photographs and illustrates for bella rae, adding a little bit of cute and quirk to each page she's part of. She is currently in her final year of uni, studying a Bachelor of Photography as well as taking fine art electives. Kate loves plants of all kinds, and you'll often spot her petting any dog or cat she crosses paths with.

Photographer & Illustrator

Nancy - Part of the bella editorial team. producing a magazine for young women that empowers them with confidence
Nancy - One of the most inspirational women you will ever meet. For 40 years she has worked as a teacher and mentored thousands of young people. This passionate delight just doesn't stop giving.

Head Copy Editor

Emma - One classy, groovy chickie! This gal lights up the room and brings her best laugh wherever she goes. Emma studys art at uni and works at an adventure store but in the bella rae office she's out go-to girl for ideas on fashion and creativity. We're also grateful she's a social butterfly – connecting bella rae to many intelligent, creative types! 

Creative Spark

This stunning, sassy human whisks in and out of the bella rae office, working behind the scenes, lending her creativity and nouse to get things done! With a background in farming, makeup and the performing arts, Jewel has had her hand in bella rae's marketing, distribution, production and building the mag into what it is today.

Renaissance Woman

Anna Reeves.jpg
Anna – this lovely lass writes recipes and articles about nourishing your bod. She runs a neato nutrition blog and enjoys cycling and playing with her young daughter. Her party tricks include being able to recite a whole Star Wars movie and a smashing Yoshi impersonation!

Hannah was bella rae's first colouring competition winner, but since we have cottoned on to her talent we have featured her art and got her creating designs for us!

thumbnail_Gretchen Headshot-6 (1).jpg
This beautiful mother of three writes some of our deeper articles about why us humans do what we do. Outside of bella rae she works as a psychologist in a private practice and speaks on radio. Gretchen loves spending time with family, swimming at the beach, eating ice cream, wearing hand-me-downs and colour coordinating her outfits to match her knickers.

Psychologist & Writer

Beautiful Leah is bella rae's sustainable + ethical fashion writer – a former fast fashion addict turned slow fashion activist. Leah is one passionate go-getter! The kinda girl who cares deeply... about people and the planet... and is brave enough to ask the hard questions (especially of herself)... Leah also loves coffee and dancing, and we love her!

Fashion Writer

Dani is bella rae's resident all rounder, she can write, sing, act and is an excellent listener and ideas woman. Dani is full of wisdom and also knows her tunes! The best sort of people to have around.

Writer & All Rounder

Liz is bella rae's very own straight-talking, go-to gal, on all sex matters. She is a generous, wise spirit who is passionate about young folks gaining a healthy understanding of what sex is and where it fits into relationships, identity and life.

Sex Educator

She is known as the V-bomb. She is a singer-songwriter, fashion lover and founder of The Bold The Beautiful Project. Vita is dynamic, strong and passionate, taking her story and messages into schools around Australia and beyond (look out Indonesia!).


Selena finds solutions and gets the job done! She's often coming up with ways to make things better and more streamlined. She is the mum of two lucky kids and, when she gets a chance, enjoys a good game of cards. In the office she is appreciated for her dry sense of humour!

Behind the Scenes Ninja

Liz - Part of the bella editorial team. producing a magazine for young women that empowers them with confidence
Liz - Founder. Without Liz there would be no bella rae! This determined trail-blazer lives and breathes sisterhood, always lifting up the ladies around her. She is passionate about developing leaders, and runs marathons on the side.